Welcome to Recession Special, the column in which we celebrate our favorite cheap foods as the economy crashes all around us. With money getting tighter, many of us are going to have to find ways to save a few bucks. In times of economic crisis, my family has always turned to Ellio's pizza.Ellio's pizza is a frozen "pizza" concoction that's been on the market since 1963. Though "pizza" is clearly stated on the outside of the box, what you're essentially buying when you buy a box of Ellio's is a giant slab of bread with some sauce and something that I think is supposed to be cheese slapped on top. The crust is doughy and often cooks unevenly, giving you burned edges and a completely undercooked center. It may not be glamorous or fancy, but it is delicious, cheap, and the kind of food that will help us through these rough economic times. The sauce on Ellio's pizza is a cross between ketchup and the sweet tomato sauce they used to put on elementary school pasta. The cheese is basically there for decoration, though I've just noticed that the words "100% real cheese!" are displayed prominently on the box, so that has to count for something, right? Nothing says, "You probably shouldn't eat this" quite like a declaration of the ingredients on the packaging. "It's really food! We swear, you guys! For real!" Most people who have never seen Ellio's Pizza before are immediately struck by its square and gross appearance. "There are perforation lines in it," my boyfriend frowned. "That's where you break the pieces apart," I explained. "It looks like middle school pizza," he replied, "or an art project from fourth grade." I have been eating Ellio's Pizza since about 1987. I can not stop eating Ellio's Pizza. As disgusting as it may be, there is something very comforting about the little square not-really-pizza that could. It's got a leg up on every other frozen pizza out there, anyway, because unlike fancy pants DiGiornio or American Flatbread, Ellio's isn't trying to pretend that it's just like eating delivery. Pizza, please. This mess has "screw it, let's just eat something out of the freezer" written all over it. I've noticed lately that Ellio's Pizza has been a hot seller at the grocery store. Maybe everyone is turning to this little pizza-esque wonder to get them through the dark times. So here's to you, horrible and wonderful Ellio's Pizza. Like my boyfriend says, you truly are a work of art. On that note, I am going to break for a bit to walk my greyhound and get some dinner. I'll be back later tonight with an open thread for SNL fans, unless something major happens in the meantime. Until then, feel free to discuss your favorite cheap eats and Saturday night plans in the comments. I've had a lot of fun so far today, and I hope you have too!