Last night's True Life: I Can No Longer Afford My Lifestyle followed three twentysomethings who never bothered to save money for a rainy day, and have since lost their highly-paid corporate jobs. Now, they're scrambling to make ends meet.

Aja is a 28-year-old mother who worked in a real estate for a Fortune 500 company. She was making a decent living, but spent her earnings on designer handbags, clothes, and a pricey rental in Brentwood. Having not put any money away, she now is living in a one-bedroom apartment with her three kids, and looking for work. Her situation is everything Suze Orman has been warning us about.

Aja has had to pull her kids out of private school and receives aid from WIC, which oddly, has restrictions on certain cheeses.

Caitlin is 25 and worked in the subprime mortgage division of Lehman Brothers. She used to go out to dinner six nights a week, traveled extensively, and shopped frequently. Now she's working three jobs just to stay afloat.


Lastly, there's Adam, 26, who once worked at a PR firm. In the course of this episode, he lost his apartment, was dumped by his girlfriend, and switched from fancy beer to 40s of malt liquor.