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Former Dresden Dolls lead singer Amanda Palmer inspired a "rebellyon" against her record company, Roadrunner, when execs asked her to cut shots of her bare stomach from the video for her single "Leeds United." According to the Guardian, Palmer wrote on her blog, '"I thought they were on crack…I'm a vain motherfucker. I know when I look fat ... but this was just nonsense. I thought I looked HOT. I really, really didn't see where they were coming from. So I didn't budge." Her fans were equally outraged, and so they launched a blog called The Rebellyon, natch, where they post pics of their own bellies and write sentiments like, "Here's your fat belly. Now fuck off Roadrunner." For a peek at the original video that Roadrunner objected to, click here. [Guardian]


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But Roadrunner is paying for the video, right? I guess that makes it their call...perhaps she should found her own record label and then she wouldn't have to worry about it...