Rebel Wilson's Plus-Sized T-Shirt Line Is Covered in Food

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Cool news! Rebel Wilson, beloved star of Pitch Perfect and everything she touches, has created her own plus-sized t-shirt line called Fat Mandi. Less cool news, you'll only want to wear the t-shirt if you're a bigger girl who's really into food motiffs, which — hey! — of course you are! You're fat therefore your eyes are only drawn to things you can put in your mouth.


Wilson tweeted out, "If you need some cupcake or donut power in your life, check out my t-shirt experiment site: Sizes range from 12 to beautimous x."

As of now, there are only two tees available, one with donuts on the boobs and the other with cupcakes. Now, if you're into a t-shirt with pastries on the bust, all the more power to you. I love donuts, too, and personally would like to see them on everything. Still, it's kind of a bummer that those are the only options. Rebel is obviously the type with a sense of humor — especially about her body — but wouldn't it be nice if she put out at least one t-shirt that didn't have food on it? Like maybe a t-shirt printed with her tequila worm tattoo from Bridesmaids. Who wouldn't wear that?


'Bridesmaids' star Rebel Wilson launches Fat Mandi t-shirt line [EW]

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The sizes run from 12 to 18, but if I've deciphered the size chart correctly, they're not your typical sizes. The measurements are width x length of the garment in centimeters. Size 18 is 66 x 78cm. I assume that the width measurement (the first number) should be doubled to get the bust measurement. That would be 132cm, or approximately 51 inches. (Actually closer to 52), which is bigger than the 18s on a couple of fairly popular shopping sites I checked (one was which is exclusively plus sizes; the other was , and I took garment ease into account). Still, they could offer even larger sizes.