Rebecca Black Makes Her Tonight Show Debut

Not long after the music video for "Friday" went viral, Rebecca Black stopped by The Tonight Show this evening to chat with Jay Leno. Good news: she's donating the proceeds from her song to Japan. Bad news: she performed.

[The Tonight Show with Jay Leno]


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I am seriously disgusted and, yeah, I guess angry, at all of you who are angry at this girl. I cannot see the point of such vitriol over a 13-year-old who made a dumb pop song because it was her dream to do so. People are mad at her parents for paying for her to be part of it. My parents paid for summer camp, dance classes, and four years of college - how dare they? The lyrics are no worse than what today's pop artists are manufacturing ("Hold it Against Me," "Firework," "Your Love is My Drug" and etc), and they seem only to be different because they don't include clear references to sex and having sex and hooking up or whatever. As she pointed out, she's 13 and isn't quite comfortable singing about that shit. She'd rather sing about how much fun "Fri-ee-day-ee" is, and that shouldn't be a crime because who doesn't TGIF? Additionally she's not having producers like Red One or Danga or The-Dream and whoever else manufacture the song for her, and, for a similarity, her auto-tune sounds just as obvious/bad as "real" pop artists. Lay off her, for fuck's sake. You're all a bunch of salty h8rz.

Edit: I'm pretty sure I can hear her voice under 10 lbs of the song being played over. But, again, that's par for the course in pop music. Brit Brit hasn't sang live or without a loud backing track in years and people are all, "omg but she dances and like it's so hard to sing and dance at the same time and whatever she's an ~~entertainer!" Plz.