Really, Eliot? You Interfaced With This?

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  • Commenting on an Eliot Spitzer whore scandal is vaguely as exciting than reading about the intricacies of trade negotiations — and also, somewhat less important — but I had to point out this quote from a source close to Kristin "Billie" Davis (who "hails from a rough-in-tumble California trailer park.") "She personally interfaced with Spitzer a number of times." Wow, "interface." That used to be corporate jargon for "talked to" and now it is being used to denote... bareback anal. [NYP]
  • "His sex appeal lies in being a successful businessman and politician. Women like a guy who is in control, and a man who knows what he wants." That's the editor-in-chief of Playgirl on why she'd like to land Eliot Spitzer for a cover shoot incorporating a young woman in a Girls Gone Wild T-shirt. I know; you're creaming just thinking of interfacing with it right? [US]
  • Wait, speaking of: raunchy outtakes from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog are now being sold as a $200 "art" book. [NYP]
  • Wait, no, really speaking of, Barack Obama was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, who tried to paint him as some sort of Hugo Chavez character by baiting him with a question about the Fed's bailout of Bear, to which he said, "Well, I wasn't privy to Bear Stearns' balance sheet." He doesn't sound like a socialist! [CNBC]
  • A fifteen year old in the UK has been found guilty of beating a woman to death because she was goth. [BBC]
  • Oh, great, now the enemies decide to register their discontent with the our invasion of the Iraq in a peaceful manner? What's next, hunger strikes? [NYT]
  • Foreigners on the election: Germany wants the "Black Kennedy" because they are "romantic" that way; Mexicans like Hillary because NAFTA was good for them, Chinese like HIllary because NAFTA was good for them too, Israelis distrust Obama and Muslims in the Middle East think he can't win because "his middle name is like mine." [WSJ]
  • What cocktail will be the Next Cosmo? The cognac industry is hard at work on it. But it won't be easy. "Brand promotional pamphlets and in-house recipe books are cemeteries of forgotten drinks." Ah, life. It is such struggle. [WSJ]
  • Gubernatorial corruption etc.: now also in Puerto Rico! [NYT]
  • So that was "ten days that changed capitalism," we just don't really know how exactly. [WSJ]

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KathrynwithaY loves Joan Collins

@bess marvin, girl detective: A movie version of the Hills? So, instead of a half-hour of awkward silences in various settings, there will be two hours? Hmm. Sounds like Oscar material to me (are they running out of ideas?!).

The next Cosmo? I'm putting my money on something fruity, pink, and "cute." Seriously, when I was bartending, I could have dyed toilet water pink, tossed an umbrella in it, called it a "cuntini" and girls would have beat each other down for one. Stupid cosmos. Give me a fucking beer.