Amidst all the pointing and laughing today, comes a still small voice of calm
in the form of the NY Daily News' David Hinkley:

" Most happy women don't wander into a hair salon, chop off all their hair, then start redecorating with a pair of tattoos.

Most sad women don't do that, either. So we really have no idea what, if anything, she's saying. The funny part is, she may not know, either - though if history is any guide, she will eventually try to explain it.

Maybe she'll say it was the pressure. But maybe this time she'll say it was us - that those who made her rich also made her nuts. That it's weird enough to have fans who sell locks of your hair on eBay, but just too weird to have fans who will buy them. "


Smack! Right out of the ballpark with that one.

[well said, David]

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