Real World's Rachel: Obama's Pro-Choice Stance Makes Him "Least Qualified" For Nobel Prize

Remember Rachel from Real World: San Francisco? She co-hosted The View today-with a conservative attitude that makes Elisabeth Hasselbeck look liberal—opining that President Obama wasn't qualified to win the Nobel Peace Prize because of his "radical" abortion stance.

In fact, Rachel believes that anyone who is pro-choice should not be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, saying, "We wouldn't have world peace until we ended abortion." But this is really nothing new. On the third season of The Real World, Rachel, a young Republican, often got in heated political debates with her left-leaning San Francisco roommates, particularly "bed-wetting liberal" Judd.


Rachel is also not new to The View. She's auditioned for a permanent position on the panel twice before, but was passed over each time, first in favor of Lisa Ling, and later in favor of Hasselbeck. This morning, Rachel—who married Real World: Boston roommate Sean—announced that she's pregnant with her sixth child.



Disliked her then, dislike her now. Do you ever get the feeling that we need liberal baby farms to offset radical Republicans who took the "go forth and multiply" scripture a little too seriously?