Real World Roommate Gets Sent Home For Oversleeping

It's hard to be sympathetic for a reality show star whose sole requirement while living in a lush penthouse in paradise is to wake up at 8am once a week. Seriously, how much could an alarm clock in Cancun cost?

Instead of investing in a clock, Joey — the guy infamous for his one-night stands, spitting, and emo fits — relied on his roommates' dinky watch alarm to wake up for his "punishment" shift starting at 9am. (The punishment was for a previous missed shift that was at night, which Joey blew off because he got too drunk during the day.) His boss wasn't having it, and showed up with a ticket back to America within the hour.


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His attitude pisses me off. It's this f-ing sense of entitlement that people have these days. And his friend trying to help him get his job back pisses me off too. It's like he has the idea that "oh I'm smart and I can convince these people to make him stay." I fucking hate when people think they can talk their way out of a situation. Nothing makes me shut down faster than "yeah, but..." There is right and wrong and going out until 4am drinking and then missing work the next day missing your alarm and then being pissed that you got fired is fucking wrong. You screwed up = you get fired. Deal with it you stupid baby man-child.

Sorry for rant but AAARRRGHHHH that is so aggravating.