Tonya of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge has been unraveling this season. She admits to having serious issues, which are a source of humor for her castmates. But their cruel teasing finally pushed her over the edge and she snapped.

Tonya was a foster child who aged out of the system and eventually was cast on The Real World: Chicago. She was one of the first people to create a career out of reality television, which actually doesn't seem like it's been very beneficial to her emotional state, Last night, one of her castmates, and a long-time nemesis, Veronica, pushed Tonya's buttons, supposedly saying "unspeakable" things that didn't make it into this episode—according to Tonya's Twitter, and other cast members—which led to Tonya physically attacking Veronica.

Some of the cast members were interviewed, after filming for the show wrapped, for MTV's blog. They are talking over each other, but they all agree that Veronica should have been sent home for the highly offensive, unaired remark she made to Tonya. In the clip, we think we hear Ibis saying, "Yeah, about the rape…"

Here's unedited footage of dialogue leading up to their fight. Veronica's offensive statement, however, is not included.