Real World Cast Member Gives New Meaning To The Phrase 'Fame Whore'

Above is an audition tape of one of the roommates who's been cast on MTV's newest installment of The Real World. (This time, they'll be getting drunk and making out in Hollywood.) Her name is Kimberly and she's kind of an amazing human being in that she has absolutely no idea just how completely reprehensible she is. (Seriously, she has to be seen to be believed.) She brags about her "headlights" (her nipples), repeatedly mentions how much she hates fat and/or ugly people, talks about the time she got so wasted she didn't remember how she lost all of her teeth, and expresses her desire to be famous. Congratulations, Kimberly! Your stupid dream has come true!

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actually, my favorite part (of what i caught) last night when when one guy interviewed that his *name is greg* (craig? i can't be bothered to check) and "i am perfection."

also, i believe this blonde is the one who said that she was shocked that a sweet, cute guy could come from detroit.