Real Person Featured In Lucky Confesses To Not Being All That Real

One of the reasons I never read Lucky is that the "real people" they choose to showcase their "foolproof outfits" never somehow cease to seem actually more unrealistically gorgeous/thin/put together than the average runway model; they're just, like, photographed less imaginatively. Witness January's Courtney Childs Lewis (pictured after the jump.) She's 25 and yet has three names already; she's consultant at Avenue A Razorfish and Haverford Alum who regularly travels to Paris on business, and yet if you ran into her in Paris you'd totally think you saw Gemma Ward. And don't get me started on all the excessively trendy/unflattering clothing choices only a hideously beautiful 25-year-old on a raw food and coke diet can pull off that she tries to foist upon the hapless Lucky-buying masses: shiny pointy ankle boots, those weird tuxedo pants, chic-formless jacket over chic-formless shirt accented by chic this even a real person? Oh wait, she's on Facebook; funny that! And she has a blog...

It's me! I'm in the January 08 issue of Lucky Magazine. Note: This is not my "foolproof" outfit nor did any of those words exit my mouth ;)


Aw. Yay! Fight the power, Courtney! I mean, fuck you for being so beautiful, but we love you for shattering the myth perpetuated by Lucky that like, everyone should be so "lucky."

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