Real Life Gentle Ben Bear Saves Crow From Drowning

Videos like this are one of the reasons I love the Internet so much.

According to Aleksander MedveŇ°, who uploaded the clip to YouTube, the video was taken in June at the Budapest Zoo. Maybe the bear thought he saw a tasty snack in the water, realized he didn't like the taste of crow and spit it out.

OR MAYBE HE IS THE SWEETEST GENTLEST KINDEST BEAR IN THE WORLD WHO LIKES SAVING BIRDS! Maybe he goes around rescuing helpless animals all the time and we just don't know it because no one is around to see it. He's a good samari-bear.

The reaction of the crow is the best part. He/she just sits there, frozen in the moment. "DUDE. Like dude! Mr. Bear. I mean. You just like saved my life, man! YOU SAVED MY FREAKING LIFE. I have no idea how to thank you." In the children's book I just wrote in my head about these two, they go off and start an ice cream parlor together. Because I think bears would do well in the frozen desserts industry.

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Well, no one likes eating crow.