Real-Life Furbys Rediscovered • Survey Says Aussie Guys Are 'Wimps'

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• Scientists announced today that they have rediscovered the rare pygmy tarsier, which looks like a real-life Furby, in Indonesia this summer. • The chief executive of Refuge, a domestic violence charity based in the UK, says she can always spot a male abuser at parties because he usually likes to be the center of attention and his female partner will become timid around him. • See, there are still jobs out there: a Swedish psychic phone line is looking for 20 skilled witches for its call centers. • Over 70 exotic dancers are joining in a lawsuit against NYC nightclub Scores, which, they allege, would not pay workers their fair share of a "Diamond Dollars" payment plan. •• A very important and scientific survey claims that Aussie men are "wimps" because 75% of surveyed men prefer to bring champagne and cheese plates to barbecues and that one in two men prefer to yoga or Pilates over soccer. • A South Korean convenience store giant claims that condom sales have increased 19% since August because couples are waiting until their finances are in better shape to have kids. • Debby, the world's oldest captive polar bear, was euthanized in Winnipeg on Monday after multiple organ failure. She was 42. • Researchers have announced that the 4,600-year-old bones of the oldest genetically identifiable nuclear family in Germany reveal that the family met a violent death. • Latina women who prefer to speak Spanish and live in the US are 5.6 times more likely than white women to report regret or dissatisfaction with their breast cancer treatment. • A woman from Massachusetts was charged on Monday with raping and beating her teenage niece whom she she forced to do work for her family in a "Cinderella-type situation." • From the Institute of Seemingly Obvious Studies: your perceived personality traits are linked to how satisfied you are with your romantic partners. • "Paparazzi schools" in South Korea specialize in training people how to catch and document ordinary citizens transgressing the law in order to receive monetary rewards from the government. • The adoption of foreign children by Americans fell 12% in the past year. • The National Zoo in Washington D.C. has a new addition: a 16-day-old female dama gazelle. • Do people put off expensive divorces during economic downturns or do divorce rates increase with added money stress? • Anti-gravity yoga is a new craze that "could" take England by storm. •

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Aussie guys are wimps ay? Funny, did we not just have a rather enlightening post on the prevalence of dating violence and it's percieved acceptabilty by youths in the land of Oz?