On last night's episode, Vicki planned a "girls' weekend" in Fort Lauderdale, but two of the husbands (and Slade) insisted on tagging along, because—bizarrely—they don't "spend time apart." It's easy to see why this upset Vicki.

For someone who's in the tequila game, Tamra's husband Simon is one uptight asshole. It's like, God, have a shot, guy. As grating as Vicki can be, I actually admire her the most out of the entire cast because she seems to be a real girls' girl, a hard worker, autonomous, and didn't just blindly leave her financial stability in the hands of her husband. The result is that she's the only one who can literally write a check that she can cash. Simon is so transparent in his summation that Vicki is jealous of the kind of relationship he has with his wife. He's clearly insecure about his own shaky financial standing, and is threatened by a woman who is successful and independent. His bullshit line about how Vicki is a bad influence on his wife Tamra is troubling.

And in other news, there's Lynn, who was all hopped up on pain pills. How did these ladies not like her last season?