Was anyone else concerned that Taylor Armstrong got the shit beat out of her after that elaborate "You can't come into our party" scene on last night's episode? It's understandable that the rest of the Housewives didn't want to be around Russell after he threatened to sue one of them for saying—on camera—that he hits his wife and turned him away from the party, but it was a bad idea that they all spoke about the abuse so frankly in front of both Taylor and Russell, and once again, the cameras. It's not that Russell didn't deserve to be humiliated, but the humiliation no doubt pissed him off, and it was majorly fucked up that they sent Taylor home alone with her angry abuser.

Although Russell used the limo ride home to defend himself to the cameras, never addressing the abuse allegations head-on, but rather, tiptoeing around it by repeatedly insisting that Camille Grammer lied when she said that he hits his wife. The entire time that he was carrying on with this performance, it was clear that Taylor was uncomfortable and wasn't willing to let him off the hook that easily, but also heartbreaking to watch her desperately try to tread water by calming him down by forcing a smile and saying, "All couples fight." If I were part of that film crew, I would've gotten the scaredy farts, because Russell is that terrifying. In fact, Taylor has since admitted that she thinks that Russell would've killed her, were it not for the Housewives cameras.