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Real Housewives: The World's Most Uncomfortable Limo Ride

Was anyone else concerned that Taylor Armstrong got the shit beat out of her after that elaborate "You can't come into our party" scene on last night's episode? It's understandable that the rest of the Housewives didn't want to be around Russell after he threatened to sue one of them for saying—on camera—that he hits his wife and turned him away from the party, but it was a bad idea that they all spoke about the abuse so frankly in front of both Taylor and Russell, and once again, the cameras. It's not that Russell didn't deserve to be humiliated, but the humiliation no doubt pissed him off, and it was majorly fucked up that they sent Taylor home alone with her angry abuser.


Although Russell used the limo ride home to defend himself to the cameras, never addressing the abuse allegations head-on, but rather, tiptoeing around it by repeatedly insisting that Camille Grammer lied when she said that he hits his wife. The entire time that he was carrying on with this performance, it was clear that Taylor was uncomfortable and wasn't willing to let him off the hook that easily, but also heartbreaking to watch her desperately try to tread water by calming him down by forcing a smile and saying, "All couples fight." If I were part of that film crew, I would've gotten the scaredy farts, because Russell is that terrifying. In fact, Taylor has since admitted that she thinks that Russell would've killed her, were it not for the Housewives cameras.

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I'm not saying I agree or disagree with how it all went down. We can all Monday-morning-quarterback this. But when the women went back into the house and sort of processed it, I completely understood their frustration. I can't imagine that NONE of them thought "Oh, shit" after their limo pulled away and were nervous for Taylor.

I don't know how they did it, but Bravo had to have sabotaged the scenario to ensure Taylor and Russell were somehow kept away from their cell phones. So suspicious.

I still can't believe the number of people who think Taylor made up the abuse. Really? You think she just made it ALL up. You think Russell never once, let alone repeatedly, pushed, hit, slapped, pulled or knocked her around. Never? You think that is the appropriate reaction of a man completely maligned by his own wife to a group of their mutual friends? Really. Taylor lying about it all makes more sense to you?

Exhibit A: Your wife tells four other people (at least) that you beat the shit out of her and, when confronted on a related issue, you don't bother to take the opportunity to deny it to all the people that have this impression of you?! What?! Your only defense is that the email isn't "that bad". Way to not address the issue.

Exhibit B: "I can't let people say false things like that..." People? You mean, like your WIFE? He completely avoids her part in it, as if he places absolutely no blame on her. Which any non-abusive husband absolutely would. A couple where no one is afraid of their temper or violence would abso-fucking-lutely have it out over that. I don't even want to think about how hard Mr. Nom would cry if I said something like that about him, he would be so hurt and confused.

Exhibit C: Logically, something cannot be both "exaggerated" and an "out and out lie". "He broke my jaw" is only an exaggeration IF you were hit but your jaw wasn't actually broken. It's a lie if you were never hit to begin with. So, in effect, Russell agreeing with Taylor that what Camille said was an exaggeration, then back-tracking to "out and out lie" is tantamount to, "Sure, I hit my wife but not that hard. Err, I mean, no! I have never hit my wife. Never."

Exhibit D: His general reaction is that he has NO reaction. No reaction to his wife's "lies". No reaction to a confrontation with five people. No reaction to being sent home after flying in from Vegas. You know who flies off the handle when they get on a goddamn plane just to attend a party but are instead turned away on the front lawn by the hostess who personally invited them to begin with? You and me and every other normal person out there. We have feelings that get hurt, we get angry when we are insulted and we defend ourselves when we are accused of beating up our spouse. Russell demonstrated NONE of that. Unless he's autistic or on ridiculous amounts of anti-depressants, his non-reaction makes no sense except for he is a coward and an abuser.

Yes, Taylor and Russell were grifters (oh right, allegedly). Yes, she has a problem with the truth (yeah, yeah, allegedly). However, these are not mutually exclusive to also being the victim of spousal abuse. I get the logic that, if she lies about her name, why wouldn't she lie about this, but all the other stuff she lies about is to protect the illusion of what she and Russell have — a lifestyle of wealth, power, influence, etc. Lying about him beating her? That serves no end-game if you're 1.) staying with the alleged abuser and 2.) trying to live a beautiful lie and 3.) telling mutual acquaintances who could easily ask him point-blank. Taylor lying about the abuse just doesn't add up, whereas everything Russell doesn't say and doesn't do signals that he's hiding/covering for his abuse.