Real Housewives' Taylor Armstrong Possibly A Serious Con Artist

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Now that the first season Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has ended, more and more information about Taylor Armstrong is surfacing, painting her and her husband as scam artists and liars.


First of all, her husband Russell is a convicted felon. He pled guilty and was sentenced to five years of probation plus community service after being charged by the IRS of evasion of assessment. Additionally, Russell has been sued a number of times since 2001 by several different plaintiffs who all claimed that he had committed fraud, RICO violations and civil conspiracy. In 2005, he filed for bankruptcy.

As for Taylor, she allegedly changed her name to Taylor Ford, prior to marrying Russell, and introduced herself around town as being from the the Ford Motor Company family. (And Russell allegedly introduces her to his clients this way as well.) When asked about her name change on Watch What Happens Live, Taylor said that she changed her name to Taylor because that was her maiden name and that's what all of her friends called her. However, it's since been discovered that she was born Shana Hughes, which was the name next to her picture in her high school yearbook.

Weirder still is that she's repeatedly said that Adrienne Maloof—whom she claims to have known for "a long time"—is her daughter Kennedy's godmother. However, on a "lost footage" episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne uncomfortably denies this claim. Here is a clip reel of some of Taylor's inconsistencies over the past season.

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She can join this crazy train of Taylors I don't like.