Real Housewives Talk Money Problems On Dr. Phil

Today, some of the Real Housewives of the O.C. discussed how the economy has affected their once-extravagant lifestyles. Jeana and Lynne have had to downsize, but hearing about their spending habits makes you feel anything but sympathetic toward them.

In the previous clip, Jeana's lack of savings, penchant for splurging, and reluctance to sell the 9,000 square foot home she lives in (alone!) is baffling. Adding to her financial absurdity is the fact that she's still supporting her 23-year-old son by making the payments on his pricey, brand-new SUV, which he can only afford during the six months of the year that he's playing in minor league baseball. It doesn't exactly sound like she has any plans on changing her spending, and insists that she just needs to work more to be able to afford her lifestyle.


In this clip, Lynne explains that she and her husband have absolutely no savings, no retirement fund, and currently, he has no income. She was completely unaware of their financial situation until this year. This summer, she and her husband were evicted from their rented home, yet Lynne got a face lift and her daughter got a nose job. Dr. Phil looks exasperated as he explains how important it is to not have your head in the clouds.

Vicki is the only housewife who isn't feeling the crunch right now, because she always saved more money than she spent, views her retirement as being just around the corner, and does not buy fancy cars for her children. (Her son drives a 2001 car that is fully paid for.) Jeana asked Vicki for a loan, and Vicki refused, saying that she didn't want any resentment to form between the friends over money owed, and would only give money to someone, which she was unwilling to do with Jeana. Jeana said that she didn't understand Vicki's reasoning, because she would write a check to any friend who needed it. Perhaps that's why Vicki is sitting pretty, financially, and Jeana is up shit creek without a paddle? In the end, it seems like Vicki was the only money-smart housewife, although she keeps saying "borrowed" when she means "loaned."



I go to a ritzy private school and the amount of Audis and BMWs that are in the parking lot is redonk. Everyone gets a luxury car for their 16th birthday. There are a select few kids, however, who have to earn it themselves or just not get a car. I knew I wouldn't get my own car, and I never gave a shit. It doesn't work like that in my house, we have to work for things we want. Plus, I just need to get from point A to point B, so I'm perfectly content drivin' my dad's old Ford F-150 into school each morning.