Real Housewives Reunion: Kim (Fake?) Cries About Fake Hair

Last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was all about NeNe and Kim. Shereé stayed relatively quiet, DeShawn barely said three words, and Lisa managed to keep her cool right up until the end when she couldn't take Kim's lying anymore. When Kim was asked about her hair, she turned on the waterworks and told some story about how it's so mean that NeNe made fun of her wig, because she had cancer. Then, when pressed about it, her story changed and she said that she only thought she had cancer and that she was just really sick and her hair fell out. Except that hair only falls out when you go through treatment for cancer, not when you "think" you have cancer. Bravo must renew this show for another season, and fast. Clip above.


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