Real Housewives Reunion: Alex McCord, Husband Can't Keep Story Straight On Nude Photos

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OMG! How awesome was the Real Housewives of New York City reunion special last night? The women all 'took it there', and didn't let each other off the hook for anything, giving us tons to talk about. First of all, how bullshit is it that Simon and Alex tried to say they aren't social climbers when they admitted it on camera? Secondly, did you hear their answer to the question about Alex's nude photos popping up on the internet? They said that the photographer illegally released them, and that Alex and Simon had no choice but to just accept. However, we know that neither is true. Also, how fucking perfect is it that Alex quoted Ayn Rand to explain herself!? Clip above, and another one on the way, later today.


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@Patsy_Stone: I read on another blog that apparently her daughter is getting crap from her (catholic) school about the mother being involved with this show. Maybe that's why?