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Real Housewives Of Orange County: When Grown Women Act Like Grade-School Bitches

The Real Housewives of Orange County returned with a new season last week with a new cast member, Gretchen, a very pretty blonde in her early 30s engaged to a wealthy, much older man with a terminal illness and a penchant for buying her diamonds. Of course, it makes her look like a gold digger, which doesn't escape the notice of the other Housewives. On last night's episode, all the women took a trip to a fancy spa, and as Gretchen walked down the driveway to get in the limo, they talked so much shit on her, particularly about her breasts. It's hard to believe that these women are middle aged and not in middle school. Clip above.


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can we talk about what laurie has done to her face? i'm not trying to be cruel but she was very pretty in the first two seasons and now her face is frozen in a pucker position. nothing below her eyelids moves-ever. sad. stop with the botulism, laurie!!