Real Housewives Of New York: The Bitching You Didn't See The First Time Around

Thank God for DVR. I had no idea that Bravo was airing a clip-show of unseen Real Housewives of New York footage until I noticed it in my recording schedule. What a great, boring Tuesday night surprise! Some highlights from the show include Ramona and Bethenny discussing blowjobs and their vibrators, and more footage of Ramona acting like a maniac/pathological liar. In the clip above, we get to see even more of her confrontation with Alex and Simon on the night that Simon crashed the "girls only" dinner party. Was Ramona drunk when she got there? Who acts like that? In any event, at least she was saying what everyone else watching was thinking.


Gah, Ramona, with the blinking and the twitching and denying everything, just as the clip is playing and contradicting her. Insane or on something? You decide.

Also, LuAnne made it sound like the Count's family actually GAVE the Statue of Liberty to the US, in the sense that they commissioned it. Instead, it turns out the family was just the one designated to turn it over!! Also, how did her kids grow up in NY seemingly knowing nothing about the Statue of of Liberty?