The Real Housewives Of Atlanta came back last night with the franchise's first truly classy-seeming housewife, but Sheree stole her thunder with her pathological narcissism and an over-the-top tantrum.

It's hard to admit it, but I was actually a Housewives virgin for the most part until last night, having only caught a few minutes here and there over the years. Yet, somehow, because of the internet, I've managed to kind of keep up with all of the characters against my will. Last night's episode was kind of boring except for two housewives who seem like polar opposites: new housewife Kandi and the self-worshiping, mentally unstable Sheree.

The new "housewife" is Kandi, a successful songwriter (she wrote "No Scrubs"!) and mother of a precocious 6-year-old daughter. I can't believe I'm saying this about a person on a reality show, but Kandi (so far) seems like a total class act. She puts her family and her work ahead of status-seeking, which is unheard of in the Housewives franchise. Actually, she doesn't seem to be doing the social climbing thing at all — she saves her money and lives in a modest but nice house she's owned for a long time. I don't know what she's doing on reality TV, because I like her.

Now to Sheree. In the wake of her divorce, Sheree decided to throw an "independence" party for herself, a party she hoped everyone in Atlanta would be talking about for years. She went to a party planner, recommended by a friend, where she announced that she wants to arrive at said party in a helicopter. Please pay careful attention to the party planners when she says this, it'll be important later.

Later, Sheree called the party planner (for what was probably the twentieth time) to ask questions, and when he rubbed her the wrong way she went to her hairstylist to get her hair done and to complain. The hairstylist, not surprisingly took her side completely and egged her ego on, telling her not to put up with it, etc. Hey, this looks familiar! What's the deal with male hairstylists who enable the megalomaniacal, delusional behavior of their clients? There should be a magnet that they can buy for their styling stations that says "Behind every batshit nuts diva is a sycophantic hairstylist!" Not that Sheree even needed his "support," however. She's a strong independent crazy person who can be crazy all on her own!

So Sheree marched in to the party planning office to tell the party planner what's what, and after she accused him of, among other things, not delivering on an (ungiven) helicopter promise, they launched into a childish fight that was embarrassing for both of them, but very funny for all of us watching at home. I love how a grown woman who just said "EAT ME" in a business meeting has the nerve to laugh at the guy who said "Your mama.":

I hope this doesn't mean we don't get to meet "the poet." I'm dying to hear the poem he comes up with for Sheree.