There are certain stereotypes that come to mind when one thinks of the residents of the O.C., and The Real Housewives of Orange County plays right into them — particularly the obsession with aesthetics and the never-ending battle to look youthful. On last night's episode, brunette Tammy threw a "Botox party" in a plastic surgeon's office. Akin to a Tupperware party, snacks and booze were provided for women who were receiving consultations on what they should have done to make them look more presentable. (Wouldn't you be offended if someone invited you to one?) Blonde Tammy, who is 39, got a series of Botox injections like two episodes ago, but managed to get talked into a few more. It's pretty obvious how ridiculous it all is when the doctor asks her to raise her eyebrows so he can begin, but she can't, because the effects of her most recent treatment still hadn't worn off. Clip above.