Real Housewives Finale: It's Curtains For Kim's Music Career

Last night saw the season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and sadly, things were just starting to get so good. In the episode, producer Dallas Austin called up Kim to basically tell her, in the nicest way possible, that she's talentless, and that if she really wants to make it as a country singer, she'll have to work super hard on her voice, which means quitting cigarettes, taking voice lessons, and exercising. (Kim didn't appreciate that advice.) As for next week's reunion show, according to the promos, apparently Kim tells some kind of lie about how she had cancer. Is that supposed to be the explanation for her crappy wig?


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I have to say that Kim may be the worst person I've ever seen portrayed on TV (note: this is my first "housewives" watching and I only watched my first "reality" tv about 6 months ago). Seriously, she's delusional, petty, uneducated, unproductive, a bad role model for her kids and an overly permissive mom who, as a kicker, can't sing. Ugh. Can't WAIT for the reunion!!