One theme of this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is that Kim Richards rarely shows up for things — and if she does, she's late. Usually she gives an excuse that she's "packing," but after arriving 36 hours late to a birthday party in Hawaii, her new mantra for last night's episode was, "Everything happens for a reason." The reason being that she's wasted all the time. Richards—who just left rehab yesterday after checking in in early December—has been struggling with substance abuse problems for quite a while, and reports recently surfaced that much of the footage of her from this past season ended up on the cutting room floor because she was too "out of it." Richards also missed last week's taping of the Housewives reunion.

Also on last night's episode was Ken Blumenfeld, Richards' total creepazoid boyfriend — who was also wasted — and got weirdly confrontational with other cast members. Oh, and he referred to Richards at one point as his "lay." Granted it was a play on "lei" but still. Ew.