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Real Housewives: Confrontation Over Internet Rumors

On last night's episode, Kim, NeNe, and Sheree met up to confront each other about their collective shit talking, specifically about who was the source of internet rumors that they're all broke. Confession: We're the source!


It's one thing for them to deny who said what about what person. It's another that they're denying that there is any truth to the "rumors" that NeNe rented her home and Sheree bounced checks. However, I think it's hilarious that they must obviously read the blogs—including this one—and that it's having such an impact on the storyline this season. The ladies ended up making a huge scene in the restaurant, screaming and shit, with Kim ultimately storming out, and Sheree chasing her, with NeNe comically trailing behind. It ended with a big "To be continiued…" and next week's episode should be awesome, as it will feature Sheree trying to pull Kim's wig off.

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Did any one else notice the proliferation of Ed Hardy T-shirts on the men in this episode? Is Ed Hardy a sponsor or something? Stay classy Atlanta.