Real Housewives And The Science Of Gold-Digging

On last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, some of the women actually cut the crap and seriously admitted that many of the qualities they were looking for in a husband were based on finances, which they feel is exemplary of moral character. Weirdly, one of Peggy's requirements in a man is that he didn't have a "real job." Her house is now in foreclosure. In fact Alexis, who agreed with Peggy on many points, also recently lost her home to the bank. When it comes down to it, these ladies actually really suck at gold digging.

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I don't think I'm a gold digger at all, but I look for financial stability in a man. I've been with a 30yr old who had no desire to get a job and was perfectly happy living with his parents, and as someone who works hard and has lived on my own since I was 20, I kind of expect any man I'm with now to have the same degree of independence/responsibility. It's not really about the money, but I do think having ambition and drive is sexy, I know that having to manage my finances made me grow up a lot too - plus I feel like I've been taken for a ride with "lending" money to an ex which I never got back, so I suppose finding someone who is capable of paying their own way is important to me. Does that make me a bad, superficial person? Maybe, I suppose.