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Real Housewife, Husband, Sic Lawyers On Photog Over Naked Photos

Illustration for article titled iReal Housewife/i, Husband, Sic Lawyers On Photog Over Naked Photos

Remember that series of nude photographs of Alex McCord of Real Housewives of New York City that surfaced a few weeks ago? Well, Ms. McCord, is, not surprisingly, having regrets. The images were taken over a year ago as part of photographer Mike Boyd's "Masks" project, a series of photos of naked models wearing Mardi Gras masks. (McCord answered Mike's Craigslist call for models for "artistic nudes" and was paid $100 for the sitting, which her husband, Simon, attended with her.) But now that McCord been identified as one of the masked women and photos have made the rounds, Boyd tells us that he's received threatening emails and calls from the couple and their lawyers, even though, according to the terms of the release form Alex signed, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Illustration for article titled iReal Housewife/i, Husband, Sic Lawyers On Photog Over Naked Photos

Boyd explains that he is allowed to use the photos for promotion for his own site, but not if he uses McCord's name. And although he removed them from his site after someone found them, identified McCord and posted them elsewhere, McCord and her husband will not leave him alone. Says Boyd:

Simon emailed me again and stated that they may be interested in buying the rights to the photos from me. They keep telling me this and then say that if I post the photos anywhere then they won't want them. Then I never hear back from them so I don't really think they're interested in buying them, I think they just want to fool me into not using them. I think they're trying the carrot now versus the stick.


As for what it is about the rest of the photos that has Alex and Simon so freaked, it could be pure vanity. "[They're not] racy," he says. "Alex told me she thinks she looks fat in some of them."

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I agree - nude pics of Simon would definitely NOT be a good thing. I thought the photos of Alex were fairly sleazy, and not in a good way.

I'm looking forward to the reunion episode tonight. Should be a bit of a trainwreck.