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Real Housewife Caroline Tells Regis And Kelly She Wants To "Kick Danielle's Ass"

Today the ladies of RHONJ were on Regis and Kelly, minus Danielle, because the cast wasn't comfortable with the idea. Fill-in host Jerry O'Connell tried his hardest to get to the bottom of what Danielle tried to do to Dina.


The ladies wouldn't open up to Jerry about, which is odd, since Jacqueline has already come clean about the incident to Life & Style, as we learned in Midweek Madness:

Danielle was trying to harm Dina by giving her ex-husband a phone number that might give him leverage in the custody of their daughter Lexi.


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After the second reunion show, I am almost certain that Danielle tried to have Dina whacked. There were murmurs about her 'approaching' someone about doing something to Dina. Maybe she wanted her legs broken or her brake lines cut or something. Plus, her face was all kinds of guilty when Andy Cohen asked her if she knew why Caroline was so upset (and she said she had no idea). Of course, I may have just watched too many mafia movies.