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Ready for something to make your stomach turn? A man took his girlfriend, Leafil Alforque, to an Oregon beach on Saturday to propose to her from Proposal Rock, a rock famous for its marriage commitments. While they made their way there, a 3 foot wave crashed on them and the petite Alforque was swept to sea. Emergency personnel searched the beach for her but thick fog and dangerous weather hampered their efforts and they were forced to call off the search on Monday. [AP, image via Flickr]


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How often do people get swept out to sea while walking on the beach? I know it happens to people while they are swimming — rip tides and whatnot — but walking on the damn shore? And I'm sorry, but a 3-foot wave is not exactly a tsunami.

I think it sounds fishy. Then again, I've never been to the Pacific Ocean — maybe the Atlantic is just way wimpier? I dunno.