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[Somalia, June 15. Image via Getty]

A young displaced girl attends a makeshift school at a Somali IDP's camp situated on the outskirts of Mogadishu, on June 15, 2009.At least 3.2 million Somalis, 43 per-cent of the country's population, will continue to require humanitarian asistance and livelihood support through to September 2009, a task made increasingly difficult by more fighting and violence involving various Islamist militia, not limited to Mogadishu but spread over several major towns in central and south Somalia, according to the UN. Large scale looting and destruction of humanitarian supplies, assets and equipment in Jowhar, 90 kilometres [55 miles] north of Mogadishu holds widespread ramifications as Jowhar is the main hub for the provisions of services and supplies to the whole South/Central Somalia. AFP PHOTO/ MOHAMED DAHIR (Photo credit should read MOHAMED DAHIR/AFP/Getty Images)


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