Readers' Reviews: Sex Toys

You know how it is. You're thinking of buying that luxury purple harness with three jelly attachments, but heck, $119 is a lot of money, so you need to know that this puppy is REALLY going to spice things up sex-wise.

Luckily for you, features reader reviews. Check them out (along with a slightly NSFW pic) after the jump.

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Looks pretty foxy, eh? But is it all that? Let's hear what the readers have to say:

" This is by far the highest quality of strap on there currently is. The leather is exquisitely soft, and pulls the sweat away from the body so you are not sore afterwards. The VacuLock system is great, and the attachments stay in place well, which can be a pain when it is time to clean it because you really have to pull hard! haha I could go on and on about how great this strap on is." KEIRA


Haha. That's kind of disturbing.

" Great product. My wife loves it. She loves to sexually dominate me making her feel like my equal in the marriage. Her vaginal pleasure and my anal pleasure is awesome." SOREN

Well Soren, if that's how you two want to end the sex war, that's fine by us.

" This device was awesome! My girlfriend had the two plugs in her while she rode me from behind with the tapered dildo attachment. I felt great for me and I can't remember her ever being so hot and wet from something before. Get it, you'll love it!" RON


Ech. We know it's a reader review, Ron, but really - TMI, anyone?

" I love this product. I just get turned on and climax faster and more than with my husband and I take it everywhere." WOODY


That must make for some interesting family gatherings Chez Woody.

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