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Best Comment Of The Day in response to The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Products: "Let's be honest, if someone, even Rocky, was trying to sell me his "special protein pudding". I would have to decline."
Best Comment Of The Day in response to About The "Most Overrated People In History" ... : "I can't wait to see King Arthur's angry all caps tweets about this."
Best Comment Of The Day in response to Housewives Finale: The Matriarch Vs. The Clown:

Watching this was like some terrible operation I had to endure in an all-marble operating room, where a poorly rendered mural of Tuscany decorated the ceiling and the nurses were eating Olive Garden, where my liver was replaced with the inner wine bag from a box of Franzia, and I was given no painkillers. The theme from "Goodfellas" played in the background, and as they stitched in my Franzia bag, the nurses kept misusing common words, "Woman!" "Matriarch!" "It-lee!" and I kept wondering why everything was so glittery and awful.

That's what this show is, it is a Franzia bag jammed inside my guts.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Lisa Rinna Scuttles Away From Invisible Shark:

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