Reader Roundup

Today's comments make us want to pen our own children's book called Guess How Much We Love You:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Can Grownups Still Have "Girlfriends"? Not In The Times: "I, personally, like the term sidekick. But then again, I like to dress up with fitted sheets around my shoulders, and pretend to be a wizard and/or Batman. Though, not sure that I want to be called that in formal situations. Beau is a nice term. Can't I be called that?" • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Dog Seized By Authorities For Being Too Fat: "This dog just needs Jillian Michaels to scream in his face." You say: "It won't work. The dog isn't ready to face his emotionally crippling trauma."• Also a special Best Comment Of The Day ensemble award for pretty much every comment in response to 10 Celebrity Kids' Books We'd Like To See.


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