Wednesday wisdom:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Old Wives' Tales: Or, Why We Should All Just Give Up Now: "Choices imply loss. Period. When you marry, you are no longer single. When you refuse to marry, you miss out on marriage. Same with kids, career, etc. Not to mention the loss of opportunities for other marriages, other children with other men (or women), other jobs. Tsing Loh is correct when she says it's a mess. Choice is messy. Dictatorships and oppression do indeed have a certain orderliness that can seem appealing. But I'd rather deal with the mess.

If I am disappointed later in life because of the choices I made and the things I missed out on, it won't be because I made the "wrong" choices. It will be because I am human, because everyone makes mistakes and has regrets, and because no one is really owed anything in this life — we must make our own way.

But I am incredibly grateful, especially to the suffragettes and feminists and activists who came before me, to have the opportunity to make those choices and mistakes for myself. My regrets will be my own. And I hope I never turn around and tell the women who come after me how to do it — despite that sense of loss and regret, the joy of choice is that you get to figure it all out on your own."


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