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Here's a refresher:

Characteristics of a good comment:
•Insight/additional information
•Intelligent critique
•Calm, courteous, reasoned disagreement, either with the opinions/facts presented in a post itself or with other commenters
•Sharing of relevant, personal anecdote (within reason)

Characteristics of a bad comment:
•Attacks on other commenters or Jezebel editors
•Deliberate provocation/trollishness
•Excessive vulgarity
•Creating/contributing to an echo chamber: ("So cute!" or "I hate...")
•Whining/Complaining: ("I don't want to read about this, can't we see pictures of puppies?")
•Irrelevance: "I don't know who this person is" or "First!"
•Assumption/speculation over an editor's motivations: ("This post was only put up in order to garner [editor name] pageviews")
•Posting copyrighted material: (posting large swaths of news articles in comments instead of just linking to another page)
•Thread hijacking


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