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Reader Roundup

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Funny, as well as plain old smart:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to "Project Runway: No One Wants Chicken Thighs: "'I guess I'm too conceptual for America' is what I am going to say anytime I get criticized for anything. Right now my mailbox has managed to come off from the post and needs to be fixed, but I'm not going to fix it. It's conceptual." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to "Scientific" Provocateur: Does Bottle-Feeding Simulate A Baby's Death?: "As long as the baby doesn't think it's dead, bottle-feeding is just fine." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Congresswoman Says She Wasn't Aware "Great White Hope" Has Racist Connotation: "Her ignorance is a kind of racism in and of itself.


WHY didn't she realize the history behind that phrase? WHY did she never bother to wonder what the "white" in "great white hope" referred to? WHY did she never ponder whether non-white people might be offended by such a phrase?


Because she's never had to consider the interests or perspectives of people of color. It's not a priority for her, and it probably never will be. That's white privilege in a nutshell. People of color are pretty much forced to constantly take the sensibilities of white folks into consideration.

Ignorance is not an excuse. Ignorance IS racism."

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