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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Pimp My Womb: Do Fame-Seeking Families Constitute A "Crisis?": "I refuse to acknowledge this fertility trend as extreme until it is included in the X-Games." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Naked Black Women With Clothed Counterparts? Quelle Surprise: "I really, sincerely cannot stand it when people say some part or other of popular culture, be it TV, fashion, or movies is 'just [aspect of popular culture],' as though because it's popular means the ideas it conveys have no weight. It seems like yet another marvelous component of the Let's Not Talk About My Privilege, Let's Talk About You Being Whiny And Unappreciative toolbox, a way to avoid and belittle legitimate discussions about one of the ways in which privileged groups can use culture of any sort to buttress its position. The New Critical, or alternately 'death of the author/artist,' approach to criticizing artistic production incenses me for just this reason. It wants to see art as something coming out of an otherwise hermetically-sealed space, or springing fully-formed from its maker's head—a product of will and imagination alone, if you will, innocent of anything like social context." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Michelle Obama Seen Wearing Shorts -Newsreel at 10: "Dear LaToya, I find your attitude towards the media is like the nazi's. Where is my America? What is Michelle (if thats her name) doing to this country? Those short shorts are a flagrant disregard for the values and morals that were upheld by the Consitituion the fore fathers created to protect the babies. Futhermore please keep your pagan references to this "Universe" deity to yourself. I will not have my America disrupted by pinko baby killers supporting the right for women above 13 to bare thighs!
Thank you,Jesus Loving Mothers for Non-Socialist Pinko Society."


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