Reader Roundup

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The bests and the worsts:

Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Clothes Call: "Give me a break! Hooters doesn't hire fat girls, neither do casinos. If a particular company doesn't want a prosthetic arm flaying about in front of their customers, they should be able to ask her to go to the stockroom. Even McDonalds shoves guys to the kitchen and leaves the women upfront as cashiers. Abercrombie and Fitch is well known for their 'look' of skinny white teens and college kids running around and having a great time. That sells clothes. Prosthetic arms do not. Next thing you know they'll get sued because their ads don't have wheelchair kids in them." • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to
Can It: Home-Preserving Expensive, Nightmarish, Very Big Amongst Young Set: "Right on the heels of the knitting trend and the DIY cutesy Etsy crafts. Wow, you guys are a real hoot and a half. I guess when your parents are pan-sexual, drug-takin' punk rockers, ain't no where to rebel, so one may as well go back to the 50s. Great thing about being 'old', it's fun to watch these trends and social cycles come and go." Sadie says: "That must surely have been my motivation at 7: thwarted rebellion." And via email, a reader says: "It's condescending, it's insulting to people who like knitting, canning, pickling, and other homey crafty hobbies, it assumes that the readers of Jezebel are all young and naive hipsters, and I think he/she just insulted my mother." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to This Does Not Make It Sound Appealing: "I don't want to work out in an American Apparel ad come to life. If I must choose, I'd go with a Calvin Klein ad. Lying around in minimalist black underwear with an attractive, multi-racial cast of 20somethings and staring listlessly into the distance, only lifting my head long enough to say random nouns into the camera really sounds like the type of workout I could get into." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Is There A Fake September Issue?: "A guy on the street tried to sell me a copy of Speptember V0GUE, along with a Cusmo and a Glimmour. I just kept walking in my Jinny Chews." You say: "Ana Vintoor would not be happy!"


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