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Yes, there have been changes. But, holy shit: people stepped it up! Awesome comments of the day:

Awesome Comment Of The Day, in response to Twilight Author's Reign Continues: "Not only do you turn into one, but the book that turned you is the only book in the world meant for you. You isolate yourself from your family and friends to be with that book. It's a bit of a mystery to you, because while you can "read" other books, this is the ONE BOOK in the world you can't read. That's okay, it just makes your relationship more special. Also, it is sparkly. How can you resist?" We say: Ugh, we know this book. This is the book that watches us while we sleep. Creepy. • Awesome Comment Of The Day, in response to Urban Dictionary Ruled "Not A Reliable Source": "And the judge wrote: 'uRbAn DiCtIoNaRy ain't no source if u think it is then u b trippin lol. urban dictionary is 4 trick ass hos who go on myspace 2 pick up guyz and give it up tha first nite.' The ruling has received 7 thumbs up and 12 thumbs down." We say: Fo real, shawty.


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Oh! My God! I Miss You" />


Way to go MoGlo! And congrats to the other bestie who's page won't load for me!