The notable comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Beyoncé's Flush With Cash; Brüno's Cut & Changed: "The Facebook movie should be shot in cheapo 8mm for the first twenty minutes. This part should be watched in a dorm room with ten or so of your closest college buddies. Then the flick gradually increases in film quality and deteriorates in originality until it is simply 3D Imax explosions with Mark Zuckerberg fighting Nazi dominatrices atop Optimus Prime's cock, whose sides sport ads for J-Date and Gossip Girl. By this time you've been transported (how'd that happen?) to a megaplex surrounded by goobers you haven't seen since high school and their three kids apiece, chugging beer bongs and passing around flyers for inane fundraisers/church events." We say:


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