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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to The Zoe Report: More Goop For Your Inbox: "I can walk over the bathroom in my $5 Old Navy flip flops and just flush $1000 down the toilet, I don't need a newsletter telling me how to do it in style." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Betsey Wants To Be "Like Ralph!"; Beyonce, Mom Do Sasha Fierce For Deréon: "Other J-Lo perfume titles: Look at Me Glow. Glowing Bride. Glowing Red. So Much For The Afterglow. Glow-rius. My Glowiness. And her kids line: Glow Worm (glow in the dark stickers included)." You Say: "My Glow-rogative. Waiting for Glownight. Glow in Manhattan. On the Glow. Jenny from the Glow" • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Earnestly-Titled Women's History Magazine Looks Awesome: "We'll finally get the truth about clothing sizes in the 1950's!!" • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to What's Your "Figure-Making Strategy?": "Okay, goals for summer: 1. Obtain pretty pink one-piece vintage swimsuit (in today's sizing...not that of the 1950's) with elasticized shirring. 2. Become an illustration. I think this is totally achievable."


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Any meetups happening???

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