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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Scientists (Sort Of) Explain Why We Overeat: "This explains the behavior of so many crazed breakfast cereal mascots— the Trix rabbit, Sonny, the bird who is Cuckoo for Coco Puffs, that bear who informs via cool jazz that "You can't get enough of that golden crisp" and all of those townsfolk involved in madcap chases for after that dog burglar that was always stealing Cookie Crisp." You say: "And how could you leave out Honey Smacks? that frog digs his smacks so much, he'll do anything to support his habit." • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Mainstream Media Addresses Plus-Size Fashion Issue: "I love how US sizes 6 or 8 are the new touchstones for the curvy-not-fat clothes coming out. As a size 6 or 8 myself, I have to say my body is AVERAGE… Beth Ditto seems great and talented… but let's not put her on a pedestal either, please. I'm sure she is fun at cocktail parties and she appears emotionally centered (as far as we can tell, not KNOWING her), but she isn't the paragon of *physical* health. Next." We say: Your comment is full of inaccurate, insulting, annoying and unnecessary information. You're banned! Next. • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Mainstream Media Addresses Plus-Size Fashion Issue: "We were at show last night and I couldn't believe how large the majority of the girls were. I'm talking larger in the sense of a lot of excess body fat around the stomach and hip area. I'd guess that they were all between the ages of 17-25. I'm betting I witnessed the older end of the childhood obesity spectrum. I'm by no means a Skinny Minny however, as a short person, who's never dieted, barely exercises and has two kids under the age of four they compared to me they were extremely out of shape." We say: Buh-bye.


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Meetup announcement: Readers in Boston are meeting tomorrow, June 19 at The Otherside Cafe, 6:30 pm. Please organize all meetups in RR threads.

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Oh! My God! I Miss You" />


Zombies make the heart grow fonder

If I never have to read another comment on here about weight it will be too soon. I love you all dearly but frankly, I am sick to death of hearing how "I am by no means skinny" or "I am very large" and then all the comments about whether fat is healthy etc. This has lead to me completing avoiding threads that have Ditto as a tag/picture and every other weight focused thread. Sorry Jez editors- I am sure I am missing out important points you are making but I just can't deal with the comments that follow and in the spirit of "no one is making you look at it"- I am choosing not to :(