The very appealing and incredibly appalling comments of the day, Tuesday edition:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Changing Bodies, Changing Lives: "I normally hate period pieces, this one I actually enjoyed." We say: You're giving it a standing ovarytion? • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Vogue & The Size Zero Problem: "I always thought 6 was the perfect size. I thought this because that's what size Julia Roberts was in Pretty Woman, and I found her so amazingly gorgeous in that movie. And even then, 6 is tiny, but 6 is much more healthy than 00." We say: Seriously? You were just a kid, but comments like this DO NOT HELP. There is no "perfect" size. And there is no, across-the-board "healthy" size. Everyone is different, and what's right for a woman in Samoa doesn't work for lady Thailand or a chick in L.A., and your comment proves that the more we listen to Vogue, craptastic flicks like Pretty Woman and Anna Wintour, the more completely and utterly fucked we are. Christ.

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