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Reader Roundup

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The Freaky Friday comments of the day and a general housekeeping alert:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Carrie Prejean Spreads The Blame After Being Stripped Of Title: "She's just like Vanna White, but instead of turning letters around with her manicured hands, she turns me off with her shitty attitude and general stupidity." We say: We'd like to solve the puzzle? The category is "What do you want to say to Ms. Prejean," and the answer is: S-T-F-U. • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Katy Perry Needs Help: "This is what I always imagined Lisa frank to look like in my head." We say: The week is not complete until visions of unicorns dance in our heads. Also, we like any excuse to go visit Cornify. So thank you.


HOUSEKEEPING ALERT: We are so busy with posts that sometimes we don't get a chance to announce various reader meetups around the world, so from here on forward, please consider Reader Roundup comments THE place to tell each other where/when you'll be meeting. Thanks!

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Congrats, Eleanor Ramilly!

I'm so excited to get out of here today that if I had some sort of germ killing cartwheel glove, a helmet, and kneepads, I'd cartwheel down the stairs to the train.