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Reader Roundup

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Angry, angry besties!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Op-Ed Writer: Pro-Choicers Have George Tiller's Blood On Their Hands: "Since men are all in complete positions of authority RE: what women should do with their bodies, I plan on following suit. Look for my future simmilarly sensitive articles coming soon to the Wall Street Journal editorial page:
'I Am Cutting Off Your Penis And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It'
'Prostate Cancer: Shut the Fuck Up, Guys, and Deal.'
'If You Decide To Have A Vasectomy, You Might As Well Have Personally Kicked The Virgin Mary In The Face.'
'Don't Be Silly; A Man Cannot Sexually Abuse Another Man! It Defies The Natural Order Of Sexuality, As Determined By Our Holy God.'
'Why Enforced Removal Of Scrotums Is What America Needs'" • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Op-Ed Writer: Pro-Choicers Have George Tiller's Blood On Their Hands:"Open Note to Ross Douthat:

There can be no denying that intellectual snobbery is its own reward, as outlined by your spiteful and inflammatory rhetoric in regards to the legality of abortion and the death of Dr. Tiller. It is clear you are not interested in the welfare or rights of others, only imposing your own self-satisfying, hypocritical, egocentric morality on others.

As a man, it's easy to sit in the comfort of your belief system and claim yourself to be a prophet on abortion. You do not possess a uterus, and therefor will never bear a child. You have means, and therefor will never be poor and low on options. You are a man, and the likelihood is that you will never feel the hot sting of rape, followed by the woe of becoming pregnant by your beast of an attacker. You will never been in the same situation as the millions of women who become pregnant when they were not prepared to be, and must wrestle with the decision of keeping the baby. You will never have to make that choice.


Nor will I.

The difference between us, however, is that I can put the needs of others ahead of my own pride and morality. I can suspend judgment, where judgment is not called for. And I will never ask a woman to do anything she is not prepared to do, simply because I feel it's best.


Before your next barbaric screed on the subject, take a good, long look in the mirror, and remember that it is always easiest to stand at the edge of the road and throw stones, than to reach out a hand.


(We say: Nothing, as you guys obviously have it covered.)

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Newtie, that was really great.

Thank you Jezebel, for catching my sputtering rage in patterns that look sort of like LOLs when you hold it up to the light.