Reader Roundup

The best and worst comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Cosmo's Helen Gurley Brown: Maybe Not Such A Bad Girl After All: "I think Helen really missed out on an opportunity to market "I Can't Believe It's Not Feminism!", the feminism substitute made from a non-nutritious blend of anorexia, martinis, and nipple rouge. I'm pretty sure she could have even used Fabio as the spokesperson." We say: "Fun, Fearless, Fabio" has a ring to it… • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Former Rich Guys' Wives "Confess" (To What? Being Less Rich?): "The reason that these women are so infuriating is that they're flaunting the fact that they've benefited from the absolute and maddening unfairness of life. Life is unfair. Completely and utterly unfair. You can work your ass off and do everything right but never ascend to the upper echelons of your field due to circumstances beyond your control. You can fuck around and buy a lottery ticket one day and be a sudden zillionaire. Or you can just have a rich dad and get into Yale and sail up the ladder. You can be born rich, or white, or good looking, or a Kennedy, or thin, or just happen to know the right people. The worst is when people who benefit from things that they did not do somehow think that their life turned out the way that it did because they're more deserving or better than those who did not win the fate lottery. They're unable to accept the fact that they are where they are because they lucked the fuck out. They insist that they're the richest because they're the best. The reason that these women are terrible is the same reason that racism, sexism, the patriarchy, is terrible, but on a much smaller scale. It still makes me want to punch through a wall." We say: Nothing, because we're rendered speechless, but we offer this as solace. • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to If Designers Won't Hire Black Models...: "[Naomi Campbell's] hysterical, malicious, diva behaviour has given black models in the industry a bad name. Shes a majorly crappy a role model, not to mention human being." You say: "Has Kate Moss's drug use given all White models a bad name? Has Lily Allen's frequent bouts of public intoxication given White singers a bad name? Has Whitney Houston's drug addiction silenced all Black voices? Did Robert Downey Jr's frequent trips to rehab stop White men from landing acting gigs? Has LiLo's hotmessness given all young White actors a bad name? I could go on...but basically I think you made a ridiculously judgmental nonsensical comment. Such as." • Worst Comments Of The Day, in response to Pregnant Briton May Face Firing Squad In Laos: "Ever just wanna start nuking countries?"And: "Think about this, if she was forced as a drug mule, sister had to think she would get caught and was probably terrified from the get go. Then she gets raped on top of it???? Such a catch 22 for her and their BS of no fax machine?? Nuke the fuckers." We say: What is this, September 12, 2001? Since when is "Nuke 'em" an acceptable answer for anything?


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