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The comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Lindsay Sprays Her Way To Success: "I now have an urge to start a fashion line called Seofen Nigon; Borg meets Beowulf!" We say: Alexander McQueen can do the costumes. • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Big Foot: "She is going to be the elephant in the room the moment Tyra announces the Animals With Prosthesis cycle, i.e. Cycle 24." We say: Bet the pachyderm poses, smiles with her eyes and tells jokes, like: What game do elephants like to play most? Squash. • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Victoria Beckham: The Purple Rose Of Heathrow: "All the money, and that hot hubby, and this bitch STILL can't find anything to smile about? What a freaking joke." You say: "I would not smile at invasive paparazzi, either. As far as I'm concerned, VB doesn't owe me a smile."


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