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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Right To Bare Arms: Denied: "I don't understand why everyone is up in arms about this." You Say: "Me neither. Why the (h)elbow do we care?" And! "This whole discussion is the pits." • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Comparing SJP To A Horse Does Not Add To The Conversation: "Celebrities make money of exposure. They put their faces out there to see. After that, they can't control the kind of feelings their presences can evoke on people. So, if it okay to make gushing fan sites, why can't people create a site telling how much SJP looks like a horse (and she does, indeed. My foot looks better than her, with all her money and fame)? Celebrity culture is all about that, unfortunately. There are far worse things in the internet people should care about, like racist sites, sites selling drugs, sites who glorify violence against women, and so on. I'm not going to cry about the cruelty of pointing out Bono's arrogance and SJP's 'horsey' looks." We say: The "there are worse things" argument is never a strong one. • Nominated For Worst, But What Say You? In response to Hazard Warning: "I think this is terrible. People need to take responibility[sic] for thier[sic] own actions, including dating assholes. Just sick of hearing the word victim. Honestly. I have more respect for survivors than I do victims. And there is a diffrence[sic]. It might be cold and callous, but, perpetrators of violence are never going to change. They will always hit you. They will always try to control you. You on the other hand have a choice. I'm not saying its easy. I'm not saying its fair. I'm not saying its the way things SHOULD work. I am saying, unless he has you physically locked in a basement. You have a choice to make. Stay, and take the abuse. Or leave. Sucks, but its true."


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